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We rely on scientific and rigorous process control for quality assurance. We have independently designed the fully automatic close-end production process, and each kind of our silicone rubber undergoes three production stages: polymerization, matrix processing, and final filter pressing.

We have invested in an advanced complete testing facilities, including the HAAKE MARSIII rheometer, fourier transform infrared spectrometer, high and low temperature impact tester, gel permeation chromatographer, gas chromatography–mass spectrometry instrument, and the thermogravimetric analyzer. Also, we have especially built a chemical lab for chemical analysis. We keep samples for each batch of products, and they are stored in our specialty warehouse for one year before delivery.

Throughout years, we have succeeded in forging an enterprising R&D team, and have invested over 10 million RMB in equipment sets for product research and development. These allow us to provide custom solutions according to clients' specification, in a expedient manner. Our R&D center has been honored titles such as Guangdong Province Organic Silicone Research and Development Engineering Center and Shenzhen City Organic Silicone Research and Development Engineering Center.

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