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SQUARE Profile
SQUARE Profile

We see them every day, but do not take a second look on them. They have presence in every detail of our life, constantly building and enriching our beautiful life. As the earliest liquid silicone manufacturer in China LSR industry, Shenzhen SQUARE Silicone Co., Ltd. constantly develops advanced and innovative technology. Since our inception in 2002, we have grown into China's first enterprise to achieve mass-production of injection molding liquid silicone rubber, depending on our intellectual property rights.

We use only superior quality raw materials, and employ self-designed full-automation process as well as strict quality controls during silicone rubber production. These distinctions, coupled with proficient R&D team and experienced management teams, enable us to guarantee constant high quality. Through years of hard work, we have earned over 10 international certificates, and 21 intellectual property rights for over 600 models of products. Presently, our products can be found in over 40 countries and areas around the world.

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Shenzhen SQUARE Silicone Co., Ltd.

Building 9th, 3rd Phase, Hemei Industrial Park, Pingzi Road, Pingdi Block, Shenzhen, PR China 518117
Tel.: +86-755-28805066
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